Walter Ferro Resume

      My name is Walter Ferro. I'm a musician. I'm guitarist and singer in restaurants

and pianobars.

I played in the best Italian restaurants and pianobars in Milan and all over Italy

during the '80.

In 1986 I won the Italian Pianobar Festival in Sorrento; which has been seen on

the T.V.

When I sing I use a computer or only the guitar and my voice.

I sing classic Italian songs, contemporaneous ones, Naple songs and international

ones too.From 1995 I worked only for five stars hotels.

Employment History:

2009 Villasimius (Italy)
Simius Playa Hotel (Pianobar) dal 3/7 al 30/9/2009
2008 Porto Rotondo (Italy)
Palumbalza Hotel (Pianobar) dal 15/09 al 30/09/08
2008 Villasimius (Italy)
Simius Playa Hotel (Pianobar) dal 3/08 al 14/09/08
Corvara Italy)
Miramonti Hotel (Pianobar) dal 1/06 al 30/08/08
2007 Sardinia (Italy)
Calalunga Hotel (Pianobar) dal 28/05 al 23/09/07
2006 Doha (Qatar)
Inter-Continental Hotel “Za Moda” dal 1/01 al 20/04/06
2005 Doha (Qatar)
Inter-Continental Hotel “Za moda” dal 4/11 al 31/12/05
2005 Dubrovnik (Croazia)
Palace Hotel (Bella Italia) dal 1/07 al 31/08/05
2005 Sharm el Sheik (Egipt)
Venta Club Farana (Pianobar) dal 1/06 al 25/07/06
2005 Doha (Qatar)
Inter-Continental (Zamoda” dal 1/01 al 30/06/05
2003 St. Moritz (Suisse)
Kempinski Hotel Pianobar" dal 1/03 al 31/03/03
2001 Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)
Abu Dhabi Grand "Amalfi" dal 1/10 al 18/01/02
2001 Ajman (U.A.E)
Kempinski Hotel "Sabella's" dal 27/3 al 27/09/01
2000 Dubai (U.A.E)
Sheraton Deira "Il Paradiso" dal 08/6 al 23/09/01
1998 Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)
Beach Hotel "Come Prima" dal 02/1 al 28/08/98
1997 Muscat (Oman)
Gulf Hotel "Come Prima dal 2/10 al 29/12/97
1997 Tokio (Japan)
Isetan Festival "W Italy" dal 08/9 al 18/10/97
1995 Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)
Forte Grand Hotel "Amalfi" dal 06/6 al 31/12/95

Updated:  December 14, 2009

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