Chris Owen Hempfling Resume

      Chris Hempfling was Born in Perry,OK and started playing music in the 3rd Grade. He started playing Trumpet in Perry Elementary School, then thru High School. Chris Played various intruments threw his Junior and High Schools Years. When he got out of High School he started playing guitar in a Rock Band, then he went to Drums playing for a Soul Band from Enid, OK. Vance Air Force. Shortly after that he joined the Army and went to Germany were he started playing Bass Guitar in a Country Band for 6 years. After he left the Military he started playing Bass for a Few Country Bands around Enid, OK. In 1978 he started playing in a Band with his Dad and perform with many Country Artists. In 1978 my son was born and he grew up being a drummer for a recording artist " Ricochet " right today he is still playing drums for them. Chris started playing backup and fill in for Mel McDaniels and Vern Gosdin. In 1980 threw 1998 he played with local musicians in his area. From 1998 to 2007 he retired from playing Bass Guitar and started building guitars and basses. In 2008 Chris started a sound company with over $30,000 worth of sound equipment and now he is running sound for many Recording Artist and a few local Bands. It's now 2017 Chris retired, but still running sound for many country artists from Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Updated:  December 25, 2017

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