Alan Barry Davis Resume

      I taught myself harmonica when I was seven years old and would play it while walking to school.
When I was 11 I had accordion lessons, and played in an accordion band.
When I was 16 I took up ukelele and guitar, and built a banjo about a year later.
I played guitar off and on in college and played for folk masses.

I took up electric bass in my late twenties and played in several garage bands. I was nearly 40 when I joined a band that got regular gigs. This was 'Falderal', an old-time string band for which I played upright bass and harmonica. Over the next 18 years we toured schools and played at festivals. We visited Australia twice, playing in the Port Fairy Festival and in the Illawarra folk festival.

It was during this time that I took up accordion again, and for the last 20 years (I am now 63) it has been my principal instrument. My main repertoire is American old-time music, but I have also played German folk songs and Italian and French melodies.

One of my most memorable gigs was in 1992, when I played harmonica for the musical "Big River" for the Oklahoma City Lyric Theater.

I am open to solo, ensemble, or studio work.

Updated:  January 2, 2010

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