FrameWerk Band Resume

      Individually, the members of FrameWerk are considered some of the best players in the industry. Together, they produce a spark that remind listeners of their passion for music.

The members play without limits, and their creative, spontaneous and driving arrangements create an excitement for the listener that is riveting.

FrameWerk's signature sound reaches into the R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Neo-Soul catalog with solid arrangements that remind you of the first time you heard good music.FrameWerk has been labeled by Fans "The Sound That Excites the Soul". A performance mixed with original selections from their Debut CD "Picture This" soothing ballads and funk that will get you off your feet, it's a journey that will spur a series of emotions and memories.

With the members all coming from a lifetime submersed in music,FrameWerk is quickly becoming one of the hottest,most talked about groups in the industry.

We don't call it Old School; we call it Tru School Music.

Updated:  April 9, 2010

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