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Flutist, Improvisor, Composer

Mark Lotz is more than just a big voice in the European jazz scene. He is at
the forefront of jazz, classical and World Music and is obviously enjoying
every minute of it! (Tomas Pena, & Latin Jazz Network)

In his music Mark Alban Lotz builds a bridge between jazz and
contemporary music - often crossing boundaries with other musics of the
world. Some facts:

  • Grew up in Thailand and Uganda as son of jazz researcher/author
    Dr. Rainer Lotz. Started playing flute at age of seventeen and ended up
    studying both jazz and classical music at the School of Arts Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands. Private tuition in the US. Price winner of the Karlovy Vary
    and Middlesea Jazz competions. Now student of Indian Bansuri Flute at the
    Rotterdam Conservatory.

  • Mark has performed  in concert and recorded with many of the world's
    greatest improvisers like  Wolter Wierbos, Michael Moore, Luc Houtkamp,
    David Tronzo, Jason Robinson & Cosmologic, Artdirectors, Harry Sparnay,
    Achim Kaufman, Michael Dessen, Michael Vatcher, Scott Walton, Nathan
    Hubbard, Maartjie ten Hoorn, Ernst Reisegger, Theo Lovendie, Michiel
    Borstlap,  Joost Buis, Denise Jannah, Gijs Hendricks, Bo Widget, Luigi
    Archetti, Mathew Ostrowski, Vitold Rek, Alan Laurillard, Ramon Valle, David
    Haney, etc.

  • Through the years Mark has performed and recorded with some truly
    exciting masters of diverse folkore and world music music over the whole
    globe. Literally from A(rmenia) too Z(ambia). A.o. with members of the
    Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, Conjunto Folklorico de Oriente,
    Yoruba Anabo, Lucumi, members of the Clave y Guaguanco, Miguel "Anga"
    Diaz, Najma Akthar, Kamil Erdem, Eddy Martinez, Molla Sylla, Martha
    Gallarraga, Sandip Battacharya, Alexei Levin,  Lilian Vierra, Nicky Marrero,
    Frankie Rodriguez, Latif Saad,  Raj Mohan, Estrella Acosta, Omar Ka, Petar
    Ralchev, Joe Santiago, Miguel "Anga Diaz", Amelia Pedroso, Zuco 103,

  • Toured Festivals all over Europe, Canada, USA, Moldavia, Ukraine,
    Russia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Suriname and Turkey.

  • Lotz has composed in commision for Theater play, Experimental String
    quartet, Three Piano trio, Big band and other diverse ensembles and worked
    together with actors, artists, dansers and Vj. His work as composer is
    supported by the 'Fonds voor de Sheppende Toonkunst'.

  • Mark is part of the “Music: World Series” concert organisation and is
    initiator of the free improvised music concert series "u-ex(perimental)".

  • His music was rated no’s.1 - 10 at lots of music charts, top ten's,
    tipsheets, published on Compilation CD’s and chosen as editor pick and
    special feature in diverse international publications. 

  • Mark has released 11 Cd's (US&Europe) as a leader/co-leader and
    recorded many CD's as sideman for diverse Jazz, Cuban, Pop and World
    Music ensembles.

  • First Mark gained international acclaim with his European
    interpretations on Afro-Cuban Religious folklore quickly followed by his
    creations of "Pyg-mee-bop", Whisper music" and now his "Water

Updated:  September 15, 2009

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