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Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist - Producer - Composer

The Surname of "Carroll" ( "Cearbhal" - Irish Gaelic) goes back over 1000 years in Ireland. The O'Carroll's are decsended from Milesius, King of Galacia in Northern Spain. The Carroll's (Mac & O') were known for their musicianship and Minstrelsy, one of whom, Mulrory MacCarroll (circa 1328 AD) was deemed "Chief Minstrel of Ireland & Scotland". The Carroll's are natural musicians.

Pete is a self produced Singer-Songwriter and Musician, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, now based in The Scottish Borders. He is a self taught Guitarist/Musician, Vocalist and Composer who Records/Produces all of his own material. He has also Produced demo's for local singer songwriters.

He has signed umpteen Music Publishing Contracts with US Music Publishers. He has also co-written songs which have been signed to US Publishers with his American songwriting partner Pam Messick, who is based in New York† State. They both continue to write together and make a great songwriting team. (Pete & Pam both penned Lonely, Sad & Blue - click Pete's Reverbnation link down the bottom to listen or Pam's name/link above to go to her Myspace ).

Apart from Songwriting, Composing Instrumentals, Producing his own material, his main passion is "The Crickets Sound Project". Take the spirit & sound of Buddy Holly, The Crickets (pre/post Buddy), add some Ray Charles, The Picks/The Roses/Everly Brothers type vocal harmonies, add some Country Rock and a little Blues and you'll have "The Crickets Sound Project".

Pete was also inspired by the work and genius of Norman Petty (who recorded most of the Buddy Holly & The Crickets hits) to go to college in the early 90ís and study Sound Engineering & Music Technology.

Now, like his heroes, Pete is self contained, Writing, Recording and Producing all his own material. He spent some 15 years in numerous bands , from Rock, Pop, Blues, Country Rock, Indie, Brit Pop, Metal, Grunge, in the live scene in and around Glasgow, initially starting out as a Lead Guitarist and ended up fronting his own three piece combos, playing and singing his own material. He now concentrates on Songwriting/Producing his own material and "The Crickets Sound Project".

Self taught - Self Recorded - Self Produced. Pete Carroll is an all rounder, a Musiciansí musician and has studied most guitar based musical styles from the 1940's right up to present day).

Although Pete has studied and learnt a lot from other music and artists from the 1940ís & 50ís right up to present day, more than most songwriters & musicians are willing, or able to take on board, in various styles/genres, his core influences have always stayed with him, guiding him and he uses them as a reference of quality. Those guardian angels are Buddy Holly, The Crickets, Sonny Curtis, Ray Charles, Eddie Cochran. Pete has an incredible awareness and insight into American music and is currently writing new material for a planned album release in 2010 under "The Crickets Sound Project".

The album will feauture some "very special guests", American music icons who were involved in the pioneering days of Rock & Roll - watch this space as details emerge !!!

Pete is moving to Stockholm, Sweden soon

Updated:  January 7, 2010

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