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Dec 2009
Pete was asked to tour UK with former Crickets frontman Jerry Naylor, Feb/March 2010, as he was promoting his "Rockabilly Legends". Unfortunately, the Tour has been postponed. Jerry also wanted to record with Pete (TBC).

* Sept, 2009
My Forever Scotland - Photography Service for Ancestral Scots abroad

* June, 2009
Radio Airplay:
Pete's own songs, co-written song and Crickets cover versions recieve airplay on:
TD1 Radio - Forever Scotland song/I Fought The Law/Keep On Shining On - Pete does a 1 hour live Radio interview with Scott McMullen

KDAV Lubbock, Texas - Pete's version of The Crickets song "It's So Easy" is played on air in Buddy Holly's/Crickets home town of Lubbock, Texas. The KDAV Radio Station is part of the Buddy Holly/Crickets story

* 1997 - 2009
Spent 12 years in IT Support (PC & Server/Technical/Hepdesk/Desktop/Field) with businesses and clients (Private & Public sector) in Scotland & England. From Managing the IT Support for 3 Mobile UK North Division, Managing IT for one of Scotland's largest Road Hauliers and being responsible for IT needs for NHS Direct East & West Midlands, to, Project & Rollout work for NHS Glasgow Hospitals, Glasgow Primary Schools, ACCA Accountancy Body, Nuffield Private Hospital and other companies in Electronics, Clothing Manufacturig, Road & Rail Infrastructure...

* 2005/06 - Present
Signed first Music Publishing Contract with a Nashville Publisher - song was co-written by US Soungwriting partner, Pam Messick. Every co-written song with Pam since then has been signed to Brandon Hills Music, Wisconsin, USA.

Also signed umpteen songs as solo work also to Brandon Hills Music

* 2007 - The Crickets Sound Project - Recordings
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and played all Instruments, Guitars, sang all Vocal parts on around 30 Buddy Holly/Crickets songs, using PC based recording set-up - Cubase/Reason 3/Soundforge. Had to learn all Bass, String Instrumentation, Piano parts as well as Drum patterns and 2/3-way Backing Vocal harmonies.

Can be heard at:

* 2007
Forever Scotland - Co-wrote this song with Selkirk lass, Fiona Mary Wilson. Sang on it, played Guitar on it, Arranged, Recorded & Produced it.

* 2007-2008
Fiona Mary Wilson - Recorded/Produced all of Fiona's demos - played guitar on "Auld Lang Syne" and "Johnny O'Bradislee"

* 2005-2006
Composed a whole batch of Instrumental pieces, fine tuning Production, Mixing and Arranging skills, using PC based Recording Sofware (Midi).

Cubase - Reason 3 - Soundforge

* 2005
Started Self Producing own songs, playing all instruments, Recording and Mixing all material - self contained:

* 2004
Dreamweaver MX 2004 - Web Design Course - short course held at Glasgow College of Building & Printing

* 2004
"Composing Music for Film & TV" - Accepted into the 2nd year of the University of Hertfordshire's degree course - unfortunately, circumstances prevented Pete from starting the course, after moving to & living in Hatfield for five months.

* 1995
Radio Production Training - at Radio Clyde's charity arm, Clyde Action

* 1995
Started writing own songs - first complete song "Go Find Your Revolution" won "Demo of the Month" in Glasgow based Music Magazine (Big Wig)

* 1994
Photography Course - Short Govmn't course using SLR Cameras & Film Processing

* 1992-93
Studied HNC Information Studies - 1 year full time course at Glasgow College of Building & Printing

* 1991-92
Studied HNC Music Tecnology & Management - Stow College, Glasgow
1 year full-time course

* 1990-91
Studied ONC Sound & Video Recording Studies - Sound Engneering/TV Production at North Glasgow College (formerly Springburn College)

* 1986-present
Started out as a Lead Guitarist in local bands in Glasgow, eventually fronting own combos, performing own material.

Rock, Pop, Blues, Indie, Metal, Country Rock, Grunge, Folk/Americana, R&B, Brit Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly...

* 1985
Inspired to learn guitar by the music of Buddy Holly & The Crickets, first heard in Gibson Park, Melrose in 1978, on a week long school trip. Pete's musical journey began in The Scottish Borders when fellow class-mate Greg Kane (Hue & Cry) introduced him to the music of Buddy Holly & The Crickets.

Updated:  January 7, 2010

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