Evgeni Iliychev Iliev Resume

I was working, this season
From 13.06.2008 to 17.11.2008 vessel: Aquamarine
From 04.04.2009 to 04.08.2009 vessel : Orient Queen
in Louis Cruise Lines Companies like musician-keyboard(piano) in Show Band(bass,guitar,piano,drums).
We (All band) were working like accompaniment to
Ucrainian balet, and plaing during the other time
dance music.
I can also to work alone kyboard(piano) and sing!
I hope also to improve my english language.
I woud like to work in different company, because I expect beter conditions and more better salary... also i would like to work more proffesional in my speciality.

With Best Regards !
EVGENI ILIEV - musican

Updated:  January 8, 2010

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