Troll Bends Fir Resume

      No doubt Troll Bends Fir is a leading Russian band playing music that can be defined as “folk-rock-humppa-metal”. Band's members call their unique style “beer folk” and that's the closest to the truth! Nobody remains indifferent while listening to these cheerful, lively tunes combined with lyrics about divine frothy drink or funny stories about characters from pagan Scandinavian and European folklore. Lyrics are primarily in Russian though there are some songs in ancient Icelandic and they follow the content of real folk songs. TBF use a mixture of “traditional” metal and clear guitar sound, adding violin and Irish whistle that brings some “fresh wind” and is a recognizable style of the band.
Live shows all over Russia, including participation in each of the largest rock and folk fest, gather crowds of people and turn them into loyal fans that show up whenever they can. Every gig is a blast, the band easily transfer the energetic melodies and endless heady joy to the live stage. You just feel that atmosphere and… can't help dancing! Bizarre whistles and singer's roar makes the audience find themselves surrounded by dark mossy wooden logs of a tavern and shadows of a fire dancing on them. And hear stomp of feet on dirt floor, and discord of voices singing drinking-songs and hollow sound of horns, and clatter of wooden mugs…

So let's lift our horns filled with amber ale! Cheers!

Updated:  January 9, 2010

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