Mark W Siracusa Resume

      Mark Siracusa - Drums, Vocals and Percussion

I've been on the music scene for 40 years and have played with many bands doing everything from big band to reggae. Having been on the music scene for so long, I've acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding the entertainment industry herein Southwest Florida and the surrounding area. Originally from the Central NY area, I made my way down to Naples, Florida in 1986 and have been performing professionally ever since. Currently I can be heard on Marc Vee's latest smooth jazz CD called "Inspiration" available through

At the age of 10, I became interested in drums thanks to my parents love for big band swing music. However, witnessing the British Invasion in my living room via the Ed Sullivan show solidified in my mind that becoming a drummer was my true calling.

My brother, Dan, helped to set up formal lessons for me with his friend, local drummer Lenny Nocelli. While working with him, I also completed Breeze Easy Method's for Drums by John Kinyon. Lenny left for college and I continued formal training at the Dick Howard School of Percussion. In my free time, I simultaneously completed Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin and Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone.

Later, while performing in the New York state area, I was also briefly schooled by renowned drummer David Hanlon and continued tutoring myself through the Rockin' Bass Drum book by John Lombardo. Returning from the road for a period, I earned my Associates Degree at a local college, where I also played in the music department "stage band" and performed music on weekends in the local area.

Updated:  January 9, 2010

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