Hernan Luciano Fassa Resume

      Hernán Luciano Fassa
Pianist & Composer
Hernán Fassa was born in Buenos Aires and started his musical studies at age of eight at the National Conservatory Carlos López Buchardo under the guide of teacher Carolina Blacksley.
He completed his superior course under thr teaching of proffesor Mrs.Laly Escobar.
He always was under the guide of his father, Maestro Nino Fassa (Director of the National conservatory for more than ten years).
He had participated in Master Classes under the guide of the following teachers: J.C Arabián; Pía Sebastiani; Nelson Goerner; Ma. Fernanda Bruno; Barry Douglas and Piotr Paleczny.
He took specific seminaries of Music and Electroacustic methods (U.C.A., 1992) and Jazz Harmony in Contemporary Music (Berkley Argentina, 1993)
As soloist and member of chamber groups he played in several halls of the country, including the Roberto García Morillo at the National Conservatory; the Golden Hall at the Colón Theatre; the Argentine Library for Blind People; the concert hall of the National Post office, where he was one of the piano finalists at the Banco Mayo competition in 1998.
In 2003 he started to play chamber music and tango with violinist Santiago Caínzos.
From 2006 to 2008 worked as a concert pianist for an international cruiseline company.
Hernán Fassa is currently engaged in a piano duo project with uruguayan pianist Sergio Elena Hernádez to record works by argentinian and uruguayan composers.
The recording includes a work by Hernán Fassa, the Candomberto Felisdombe (recently recorded by Maestro Elena with excellent critics).
Hernán Fassa wrote music for cinema and television.
Since 2005, his concerts are sponsored by Fundación Imagen.

Updated:  January 12, 2010

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