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I write my works of art themselves from the words and Allhan and distribution of music, and participated in the first International Festival Sreifua 2005, two task forces made up of three women who are choir, and papers shall be player and guitarist and players of rhythm and violin. I have several technical issues including album Achammkara and hold an album and album of smell, album Miscellaneous and special singing solo album playing guitar on the album special private music with me, and I'm about to download the latest Osaddarati Markets and this album carries the name of the road. This album contains twenty works of art all of my words and music Allhani and distributive except Workers are Allhani only. I I'm looking for a product technician for this work. For your information I am not good at playing musical instruments, and got the gold award for the music series bird sanctuary in the Cairo Festival for Radio and Television, has assumed the Director of Broadcasting Award, then. She wrote in the beginnings operetta voice of peace, and participated in a successful concert series Rmadanih in the State of Kuwait, Crown local partnerships and third-party such as the Introduction 321 Adventure series presented in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have produced three festivals of art, entitled Festival of hope and these festivals are my guidance from the public and most of my words, and distributive Allhani music they produce and distribute my own that I own it Company of hope for the technical production and distribution, and appeared on the artistic scene in Bahrain, several young artists. This was in the year 2002 to 2007, and participated in the work of the World with the artist William in a song titled the solution, all actions that are mentioned, including my own are without any support of any private party, and also "dealt with producer Prince Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and offered to work with artists global human worlds and you, the only Arab among them was the result of this work is dedicated to the poor and the needy, but so far I have not been done, and offered a job to stay at France and I was OK, but is not the deal for reasons not teach, and has worked with directors, Arabs and Indians and a Frenchman to shoot some of my living and Alfedoclaib. I have the honor to work with you sincere and honest,,, greetings and respect thanks

Updated:  January 15, 2010

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