Nakedown Resume

In the metaphorical sense NakeDown is a unique experience a fusion of latin and alternative rock with a spice of almost everything else,a mix of diverse emotions the marriage of thoughts and feelings, the love and suffering, the rise and fall, the beauty and chaos.Their music is edgy, energetic,and filled with haunting melodies.

Their enthusiasm, style, and class lights up every room they play. All three members of the band have completely different music roots, and they play off each other in creating a sound that is felt even more than it is heard. The result is a sound that has been compared to the melodic sense of Lacuna Coil and Evanescence, the playfulness of No Doubt, the vibe of the Whole, and they rock as hard as Slash's Snakepit and Alice in Chains.

Lead singer Dana DellaCamera has a musical theather background and has performed at a variety of theaters locally, and aspires to touch the world with her art and community work. Guitarist Kevin Morales has been playing for years. Self taught, he has crafted his style by learning from Slash and Yngwie Malmsteen and Drummer Alain Hernandez brings his formal training in the music schools of Havana, Cuba to the skins. His style pays homage to his Ancestors..

Updated:  January 17, 2010

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