Eusebio Nicolás Mena Varona Resume

      Eusebio Nicolas Mena was born to a family of musicians in Camaguey, Cuba. His father was the lead singer for one of the best known cuban orchestras-"Maravillas de Florida", which exposed Nicolas to the music world since he was little.
When He was only 15 he moved to La Habana, the capital city of Cuba where he began to dedicate his life to music, fundamentally as a singer.After finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Guanabacoa he worked as a solist for a good amount of time. He participated in diverse Son and Bolero festivals, as well as in a Tv show named "Buscando el Sonero". In the following years he worked in numerous bands: Habano Expreso, Amistad Sonora, Los Sonoroes, Salsa de Esquina, Habana Club and Conjunto Carison. Years later he became the lead singer of the septet Monte Rey which performed in numerous restaurants and hotels in Old Habana.He toured in Venezuela, France and Greece with Monte Rey. At the end of 2006 Monte Rey did a collaboration with a Belgian band called "Los Callejeros" on a song named "Cara o Moneda". Nicolas took part in the composition proccess of this song. Months later Monte Rey landed a contract at a cuban restaurant called "Malecon" in Slovakia, where they stayed at for a period of one and a half years.
Since February 2009 Nicolas has improved as a solist singer in the same Slovakian Republic. His setlist includes traditional cuban songs in the genres of Cha Cha Cha, Son, Guaracha, and Bolero, plus a big part of the popular songs in the genres of Salsa, Merengue and Latin Pop songs by the best known latinamerican performers. Eusebio Nicolas also plays minor percussion and composes his own songs.

Updated:  February 3, 2010

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