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      Jesus drever was born on April 19, 1986, In Valencia, Venezuela. At a short age he began his journey through arts, achieving at the age of six the opportunity to study painting and performance at his natal town, (guigue, carabobo state, Venezuela) as the years passed, at the age of 12, this young man decided to begin his musical career under the teaching of professors Orlando Castro and Pedro Mendoza. With the arrival of the new millennium, his family decided to help him on his journey by buying him his first transversal flute, beginning his lessons that same year 2000, taking particular flute classes which will be leading him to what would become a successful musical career. Until the year 2003, he was a regular member of diverse semi-orchestras. Later at the beginning of 2004 he had the chance of entering the carabobo's musical Conservatory, taking flute classes with the outstanding professor, Oscar Leañes. Later on, with such other professors like: Miguel Pineda, the critically acclaimed, Glen Egner and Jose medina, among others.
Currently he has been experimenting with diverse musical genres, such as, gothic-rock, folk, pop, Venezuelan typical music style, Portuguese and flamenco, being the later the most liked by Jesus, and the one he dreams to achieve many success with, on a near future.

On middle 2006, something unexpected happened; he discovered an unknown but at the same time, an interesting art; “The Flamenco”, starting so, his journey through this new path with the helping hands of professors Marielba Alvarado and Juan Mendoza. As the years were passing, this new art was quickly becoming a part of this young man, allowing him to perform in a wide majority of Valencia's Flamenco academies, giving him the opportunity to meet important flamenco's personalities of both, Venezuela and Spain.

Currently he has been taking flamenco art classes at the prestigious academy of professor Veronica Gomez, settled In Valencia (Venezuela), which has allowed him to share stage with outstanding flamenco personalities such as: : Marielba Alvarado, Aida Blanco, Bellatrix Puchi, Veronica Gomez, Maria Cecilia Cubillan and the academy of “Las Lizarragas” (Valencia - Venezuela), Gabriela Fonseca (Pto. Ordaz - Venezuela), Carol Hernández (Caracas - Venezuela), Costi el Chato (Barcelona, Spain), Tatiana Garrido (Granada, Spain) among other great flamenco celebrities.

Updated:  January 21, 2010

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