Alex Papadiamantis Resume

      Alex Papadiamantis was born in Hamburg.

• He begun his violin education when he was 8 years old in Athens Conservatory with Tatsis Apostolides. He continued his studies on music (including piano, harmony, history of music
and Counterpoint) under the teaching of Stelios Kafantaris. He took his soloist diploma with A and won the first prize. Since then, he took part in several music competitions in Greece and awarded with the first prize ("Young Musicians" Athens 1983, and "Chamber Music", Thessalonica 1993). After his degree, he attended master classes for chamber music in Greece and abroad (USA) under the instructions of famous violinists like L. Mordkovich and P. Zuckerman.

• He has been a member of several orchestras in Greece (Orchestra of Athens University, Orchestra of Scientists - Artists in which he performed as a soloist) and Europe too. (Youth Orchestra of European Community). From 2004 they is member Symphonic Orchestra Of Greek Broadcasting and Television (ERT) in first violins.

• He has been member of "Arte a Tre" (violin, flute, guitar), which has performed, in national and European festivals, presenting for the first time compositions especially written for or dedicated to the ensemble.

• A member of the "Echo String Quartet", as the first violin, he has performed especially contemporary chamber music (also written by Greek composers) and arrangements of famous jazz pieces and rock songs.

• He has given concerts and recitals of chamber music in Greece and abroad (Germany, Bulgaria, USA). He has performed as a member of music ensembles with many Greek soloists of piano, guitar, flute, cello etc.

• The last years, besides classic music, he focuses on interpretation and performance of contemporary music of 20th - 21st century. He also tries to discover new composers with extreme music script in order to develop new sounds for violin, new techniques and offer a different modern character in music.

• Since 2000, he works as soloist with Greek composer and performer Stamatis Spanoudakis and has taken part, always as soloist, to Spanoudakis albums. He has given concerts all over Greece (Athens "Herodion", Salonica, Cyprus etc.). This Year (2006) he will perform in Europe (Romania "George Enescu Hall" with Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, England "Royal Albert Hall" with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.)

• He has been a member of the Greek metal band "Deviser" with the electric violin. And since 2005 he is a member of the Greek epic metal band "BattleRoar".Since 2009 he founded the group "AdrastiA" which performs electronica and experimental music.

• Since 1993 he works as a professor of violin and chamber music in National Conservatory of Athens and as a teacher in the Music School of Athens (since 1998).

• He started to play his own music at early age, at first violin or piano improvisations. He has composed music for chamber or bigger music ensembles. His compositions are using modern music technology like synthesizers and PCs. He likes to experiment with many kinds of music like new age,electronica and metal. His music, which is a combination of acoustic physical organs, electric violin and electronic sounds, has been written for films, plays, dramas, poems diction and television commercials. His ideal composition is when music is combined with pictures or scenes.

• He is the owner of three violins. The acoustic one is Joannes Baptista Zanolli of 1780 the 4string electric violin was made by Andy Holliman in UK and prototype 5string electric violin was made by Nikos Bras in Greece.

Updated:  April 29, 2011

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