Keith Yoder Resume

       My father began teaching me folk guitar at age 4. In my teenage years (the 80s), I began focusing on electric guitar, influenced by Randy Rhoads, Rush and Queen. Recently I began college, studying music composition and classical guitar performance.
Presently I am in the rock band "Stranded by Choice" and we play every weekend. I am also a studio/session musician for hire performing absolutely ANY kind of music from classical to jazz, country to reggae, folk to metal. Jazz and metal are my favs.
In my spare time I try to write music. I have really focused on MIDI music since our computer world has made such HUGE leaps in this realm, and I feel a need to exploit this new technology. With modern MIDI there are NO limits to the musical canvas and the colors that we choose. If I can dream it, I can produce it.

Updated:  July 9, 2013

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