Lyra Resume

      "Vita Brevis, Ars Longa" began the early brochures of Lyra. The name, Lyra, evolved from the earlier "Solistii", and even later "O Vos Omnes" after the Casals, Gesualdo and Victoria pieces by that name. Addicted to Noise, like Piezzola, we seek an escape and return to clear, lucid melodies that transport, that speak to the Heart.

Lyra brings to the musical palette a richly sonorous blended sound of the finest one-on-a-part singing. Lyra brings unaccompanied vocal polyphony to the French Chanson, Tudor Motet, Italian Madrigal and German Part-song in a perfectly intoned style that speaks to the heart.

Updated:  January 30, 2010

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