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      Hi everyone !Just a few words about me ! Im 34 years old ,I'm violinist I worked before In Hotels for example between 2000-2006: In Astoria,Hilton,Ritz,Marriott,And In Marrakech La Mamounia of the King Hotel In 2006 April untill July, 1999 -2000 Holland&America Line and 2011-2014 again Holland&America Line ,And Princess cruise line 2008-2010. And about the present time, I'm very lucky because I'm working currently with a beautiful female pianist and she is not just nice, she is very good piano player too she is 26 years old and she is piano teacher too ! We are now working on the ship on Holland&America Line Ms Amsterdam . we would like to find any land job I explain you why! We like the ship job very well but the land is land! :) Our repertoire It's very big and color ! just the few words about the repertoire and ofcourse I don’t use the sheet music when I play!!! : Film music,classical,operetta,evergreens,tango,overture for example William Tell, French,Germany,Russian,Spanish,Italian,Hungarian,Latin,Vinnese,so international music.
I have also trio,quartet,quintet,!
please let me know what you need And I will send to you !

Best Regards:Robert Lukacs

Updated:  February 25, 2014

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