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String duet "Art music"



 The Duet of ancient and modern music  - the “Art Music”was founded in 2007. 

It has a great practice of performance in many musical schools, libraries, museums

in N. Novgorod. It’s also invited to many restaurants, parties, weddings and banquets.

The repertoire of the “Art Music” consists of baroque music, classical music, folk music of

Greece, China, Scotland, Irish, German, Latin America, Moldavia, tango,

blues, jazz, popular modern music.


The performers are Maria Lysenko (cello) and Vsevolod Lysenko (viola). 

Maria and Vsevolod both were graduated from the Conservatoire of N.Novgorod

in 2003, 2005 and have a good  practice in playing with other musicians since 1998. 

 The ancient musical instruments of a XIX-th century will create unforgettable atmosphere.

Only the live sound which is not demanding any additional electric equipment. 

 The ancient suits of musicians will help you to feel themselves on royal to ball,

and fine sounding will ship you in atmosphere of the European Renaissance and Classicism.

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Updated:  November 11, 2011

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