Mega Latin Band Resume



Members of the Band:

- Osvaldo Sosa (Vocalist and Guitarist)
- Juan Alarcon (Paraguayan Folk Harp and Vocal)
- Laura Benitez (Vocalist and Percussion)

Though this trio is form by young members originally from Paraguay, South America, they have been touring and performing in many countries including Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England Germany, USA, Middle East (Oman and Dubai), Cruise Ships, Shimei Bay and Sanya (China).

The MEGA LATINO BAND has an extensive repertoire, which is not only because of their language skills but also for their great experience performing with difference types of audiences of many different cultures.

They speak and perform in the following languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese.

The talent and musicality of each member of the trio's can be heard through the palette of their original acoustic sound and rich musical instruments.

Updated:  January 31, 2010

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