The group Started performing since 1994.Influences thru guitars are Joe Satriani,Kirk Hammet of Metalica, John Petrucc of Dream Theater,Slash,Paul Gilbert,Engwie Malmstein, Noel Mendez of Socond Wind, Kelly Badon of Side A and Steve Lukather of TOTO.Influences thru drums are Dave Grohl,Lars Ulrichm, Akira Jimbo.Mastered Jazz,classic ballad, rock, slow rock, alternatives, disco and Rnb, he can also sing while beating the drums and able to play guitar too in any type of music.. Performed locally at bars and hotel in Baguio City and Legaspi City, Studio 1, Padis Point, Arcadia, Nirvana, Kizmet, Live Band, and Camelot Hotel. Performed abroad in Scorpio International Rottana Abu Dahbi UAE and Pattaya Thailand at Tony's Entertainment..

Updated:  February 3, 2010

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