Sylvain Leroux Resume

      Sylvain Leroux was born in Montréal. He studied classical music at Vincent d'Indy School of Music and at the University of Montreal. He attended the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY where he was exposed to World music, participating in workshops led by world class artists (such as Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jimmy Giuffre, Carla Bley, Cecil Taylor... and more).
In the late seventies he worked with Yaya Diallo culminating in the recording of the first ever African music LP ever released in Canada: "Nangapè" by Yaya Diallo. Sylvain founded the group Mysterioso, dedicated to the music of jazzman Thelonious Monk and performed at the Montréal International Jazz Festival, 1983. At the same time, he was also a member of Bantamba a group that broke new ground in the meeting of traditional and modern African music. Since 1990, he became active as a free lance musician in New York, playing for many groups and dance companies in the Afro-Brazilian, African and African-American field. In 1995, he took a trip to Conakry, Guinea (West Africa) to study the tambin, the flute of the Fulani people. He has become one of the rare outsiders to play this astonishing instrument. He has recorded with: Takadja on the Juno nominated album "Diye"; Nego Gato; Naby Camara; Mohamed Diaby; Magbana; Martino Atangana; Abdoulaye Diabate; Lucia Hwong; Emeline Michel; and on the 2005 World music masterpiece BataMbira by Michael Spiro and Michael Williams. He is the leader of the groups Fula Flute and SOURCE. He has produced the cult classic CD "Fula Flute", "Mansa America" by Fula Flute and "Tonight's African Jazz Band" by Source; all released on his label "Completelly Nuts Records."

Updated:  February 5, 2010

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