Lee Canales Resume

      My Name Is Lee Canales "Las Manos" TM started playing Congas / Latin Percussion at the age of 9.
I was taught by Shelia Escovedo better known as Shelia E
when I lived in the SF Bay Area (Oakland), My Dad Mr Leonso "Lee" Canales was the Manager and Promoter for Ms. Shelia E,Pete and Coke Escovedo and many others; As I was growing up I was around alot of great people and influanced by many such as The late Tito Puente, Jerry Garcia, Eddie Palmieri, Bill Summers,Coke Escovedo,Pete Escovedo and His Orchestra,Willie Colon,Tower of Power and Carlos & Jorge Santana,ETC...,As an Independent Musician I have played with some of the above. I've even had a small part in a movie with Cheech & Chong (Things are tough all over).I even had my Video posted on the Hispanic Heritage society of Texas.In the Tejano Industry I have played and recorded w/Pio Trevino Y Grupo Magic and Los Vidals.Then I took 10 years off from playing music to help raise my little girl; Katelyn Emily.(Now I'm back),In just few months I've played with Eric Flores "El Chavalon",Southern Soul(winners of 1st annual Battle of Bands Tejano Style!!)Mr. Ruban Ramos "El Gato Negro",Jesse Marroquin,SeSi,AT Boyz and BMF,Albert Zamora Just to name a few. As an Independent musican I always make time to jamm with who ever calls on the Hands That Jamms

Updated:  February 5, 2010

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