The VooDooMonx Resume

      The VooDooMonx have been growing strong since its inception, and: ''hard work, determination and love for the art''... has been their motto! Having picked up many fans along the way, their musical genre could easyly be described as: ''soul oriented, yet funk driven''. The VooDoo Style, is the one result of amalgamation of styles and influences floating from the ever powerfull James Brown, Red Hot Chilly Peppers and Dave Mathiews Band. Generally qualified as groovy and comercially appealing, The VooDooMonx showmanship, has been knowned to please a vast inter-generational public.

When ''The Monx'' was formed, 15 years ago, three individuals were determined to rock the global music scene. Now a four peice outfit, the boys seak to unvail what is known as a renewed dynamic sound for the souls of those who share a love for world music and omni-directional musical explossiveness...

Furthurmore, as openers, the brotherhood has warmed up crowds for numerous groups in Montreal and abroad before crowds in aw. The numbers range between 100 to aproximatly 15,000 people! Also featured on "Musique Plus" (The french equivilant of Much Music) ''Les Pourris de Talents'' acclaimed The VooDooMonx for thier work and presence on stage. With radio play on CKMF 94.3FM, (major radio station in montreal) over 10 appearances received an unprecidented positive feedback!

Witness the epic soulfullness of Eugene Weissmann , the distinctive grooves and quickness of drumer Leo Paul-Hus, as well as the thumping bass and funkyness provided by none other than Domenico Biello ... The VooDooMonx remain more than just any band, but a brotherhood climing the scales to stardom! Visit their web domain like close to 80 000 viewers have:Listen clearly, as you will immediatly see beyond the ''who you know'', Cause thats what they do!

Updated:  February 6, 2010

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