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Robin Black Thorpe can not remember a point in her life where music was not a source of joy and inspiration.  Growing up in the small town of Fort Payne, AL (home of the legendary country music band, ALABAMA and sock capitol of the world!) there really wasn’t much else to do but sit back and enjoy the music.  Robin started playing the piano around the age of 4.  Her entire family plays the piano including her grandmother who was church organist, her mother who is an avid organist and pianist, and her aunt who majored in music at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and currently serves as organist to her church as well as an accompanist for Huntington College in Montgomery, AL.  However, it took many years for Robin to develop the love that she currently has for music.  She wrestled and threw many temper tantrums to get out of “practicing” the piano.  But, she is glad that her parents stood their ground and insisted that she continue her lessons. 


Robin attended Judson College for two years where she was selected as Outstanding Freshman Music Major and Outstanding Sophomore Music Major.  But, it was at Belmont University that she really felt at home.  Surrounded by all of the music and talent, Robin pursued a Bachelors of Liberal Studies Degree with a focus in Musical Theatre.  Robin traveled from Tennessee to Florida and then to Arkansas with her husband as he pursued his career as a collegiate basketball coach, but never lost her love for theater and participated in shows everywhere she went.  Favorite roles include “Val” in A Chorus Line and “Iola Stover” in Parade.  But, her heart kept calling her back to Tennessee.  Currently residing in Dickson, TN, she enjoys being close to Nashville with all the culture and art that it has to offer, taking in as many shows as possible and listening to all of the up and coming “Nashville Stars”.  As an Accredited Teacher for Simply Music, Robin hopes to instill that love of music into all of her students, both young and old.  This studio is her dream and passion and she wants others to realize their dreams.  And, hopefully not pitch any temper tantrums through the learning “process”. 

Updated:  October 14, 2011

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