Temitope Benson Resume

      Hello there, My name is Temitope Benson and I work for Artmap Management and Promotion Co..We specialize in outsourcing entertainment services to upcoming artist. We have a great team of experienced entertainment enterpreneurs that have potential abilities to bring out the best in an artist. The company is based in Lagos,Nigeria and we have over two years of working experience and we have achieve quiet remarkable number of things that we are proud of as a team. We are into the sales of beats/instrumentals,we help artist around the world look for perfect music mates for hit collaborations,we promote artist/music on the internet to any region in the world(we have built great network abilities over the years and we are experienced in this matter),we help setup tour promotion,music submits to record labels,music submit for reviews and audience traffic,we also help our clients setup their shopping carts for music sales digitally and in hard copy on several distribution channels around the internet,we consult for artist too. Please just feel free to contact me, I am sure there is something that we can do for you.

Updated:  February 18, 2010

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