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                                                         Short CV
                                                 Todor Ivanov Pernikov - pianist
I was born on 29 03
1960 in town of BELENE My father is Ivan Geogriev Pernikov.My mother
is  Elena Todorova Pernikova. I am not married In music I have very
high professional level
In my
repertoire include many different music styles.Classic music Jazz, films music
and many others.I have middle education.driving license.I know
English language also Rоmаnian
and Russian.I have very much experience on the stage,and you can believe in my playing.
I also participated in the documentary film, and the film have 6 international awards
You can to see something more on this address
I wish to play in yours tours agency as pianist.
                    with respect Todor  GSM++ 359 885 686 550

                                                  Repertoire List

 1 MusicalMoment-Shubert
 2 A Drop-Mousorgsky
 3 Kankan–Offenbach
 5An der Schonen BlauenDonau-Johann Strauss
 6 Minuet-Boccherini
 7.Frederic Shopin - prelude in E minor,in C major
 8.Fredric Shopin - Nokturne in C sharp minor
 9.Frederic Shopin - Waltz in C sharp minor,in d flat minor
 10. J.S.Bach - Prelude in Cminior, in C major and other
 11. J.S.Bach - invevntion in A minor B major and other
 12. Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven
 13. Für Elise - Ludwig van Beethoven
 14.Morning Prayer  - Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
 15. Sonata Parties -   Joseph Haydn       

 1. May  Way - C.Francois
 2.Tenderly - Walter Gross
 3.Misty-Errol Garner
 4.Strangers in the night-Bert Kaempf
 5. Moon river-Henry Manchini
 6. When the Saints goMarchin'in-American Folk Song
7.Spanish eyes-BertKaempfer
 8. Something stupid-Words& Music by Cason Parks
 9. I will wait for You - Music by Michel Legdrand
 !0. Flamingo - Ed Anderson & Ted Grouy
 11.Love story - Francis Lay
 12. Love is blue - Ande Popp
 13.The Entertainer-Scott Joplin
 14.Let it be-John Lennon & paul McCartney
 15. Yesterday - John Lennon & paul McCartney
 16 Girl -John Lennon & paul McCartney
 17.l Hey Jude - John Lennon & paul McCartney
 18. Feelings- Morris Albert
 19. "A" comme dAmour Music by Paul de Senneville & Oliver Toussaint
 20.Autumn leaves-Joseph Kosm
 21Moon River - HenryManchini
 22.In the mood - Music by Joe Garland
 23.Smoke gets in Your eyes - music by J.Kern
 24.Take five-Dave Brubeck
 25. The man I love - George Gershwin
 26.Summertime - George Gershwin
 27 Misty - E.Garner
 28. Softly,as in morning sunrise - S.Romberg
 29. On the sunny side on the street - J.McHught
 30.Raindrops keep falling on my head - Burt Bacharach
 31. Speak softly love - Nino Rota
 32.Il doctor Zivago - Mourice Jarre
 33.The Windmilles - M.Legrand
Mona Lisa - Ray Evans
 35.Ballade pour Adeline - Paul de Senneville & Oliver Toussaint
 36. Bianconi Melody - Paul de Senneville & Oliver Toussaint

         Contact E-mail GSM 359 885 686 550


Updated:  February 26, 2010

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