Lily Nedelcheva-keyboard and vocal,and Nedelcho Nedelchev-guitars,music computer programming and vocal, establish the vocal and instrumental duo in 2005 in Plovdiv,Bulgaria.Before they worked with other groups in Bulgaria,Norway,Finland,Germany,Swiss,Cyprus and Turkey.The repertoire that they present is very rich and of different generes and styles includes the latest -2009- international hits of the world, pop and rock music, evergreens, Italian,German,Spanish ,Latin America and some kind of Russian songs.The duo has performed their repertoire in the clubs and restaurants of the top prestigios hotels in Plovdiv, also in resorts of the seaside and mountains in Bulgaria,Germany,Noway,Swiss and Turkey.Their stage show is in very good taste and appeals to the audience in a way that holds their continual interest.People have told them that CRAZY DAISIES DUO has become one attraction and reason for their return visit.They are very communicative with the audience ,bringing the atmosphere of joy and good mood and this is a good inflow for positive incomes...Their big strenght is that they can see at once what kind of music the audience want,and they are able to give them that. They are a certain that they shall be of great credit to you in all places that they will play.

Updated:  January 5, 2015

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