Joel Christian Goffin Resume

Composer / Arranger
8 Hamilton Drive email:
Fairview, NC 28730 tel: +1 828.335.3322


Joel Goffin is a music composer whose works have enriched a number of film, commercial,
and video game applications. Intrigued by all genres with a focus on classical and electronic
music, his mission has always been to merge the two definitive sounds creating a soundscape
that blends the best of both worlds. Enthusiastic, well-motivated, accustomed to working with
tight deadlines, Joel is also an active member of ASCAP.


• Experienced with multi-platform software in video and sound production
• Possesses strong understanding of contemporary and classical music culture
• Engineering support with extensive knowledge of mixing audio for picture
• 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio production and sound design experience
• Experienced in MIDI sequencing and Digital Audio Processing
• Experienced in Music Production Studio Management
• Experienced within the film, TV, and music business
• Experienced team player with a definitive passion for film and music


Recent works include:
Beta TV – ‘Beta TV' National Series – (additional music) 2009 - Present

A Child's Right Organization – Global Promo – 2009

Arni & Kinski – ‘Infinity FX ' (temp music for national commercial) - 2009

Penstock Productions – ‘LVM Series (multi)' ‘Kayak Journal (multi)' – 2005 - 2009

Hype Publicity Inc. – “Canadian Paratroopers” (additional soundtrack music) – Present

Digital Krush –‘Extreme Library' (extensive library for film and TV companies) - 2009

Epic Soul – Multimedia (additional music) - 2008

Sample recordings available at

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