Pavlo Stepanovych Resume

      Pavlo Stepanovych was born in Kyiv in 1984. He began his study as guitar player at the age of 5 under the guidance of O.Gamanin. In 1997 he graduated with honors Kyiv music school 9.
After leaving school and entering the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts always took part in international competitions and festivals such as:
The international guitar competition in Krynica (Poland) (16-25 January 2002.).
The International Festival and Competition "Guitar in Russia" in Voronezh (Russia) (12-22 October 2002.)
The International Academy of guitar art, at the city of Kyiv (20-22 December 2002.)
The guitar contest in the second Open Art Festival guitar of Valery Petrenko (24-28 March 2003.)
The International Competition "Silver Bell" Uzhgorod (7-14 October 2004)
The international festival of guitar music "Kyiv in 2004" (16-18 December 2004)
The 1 International Festival and Competition guitar art "GitAs" in Kiev (23-27 March 2005.).
The contest organized by the Embassy of Spain in the Ukraine (May 2006).

From the age of 17, he is constantly playing solo concerts as a flamenco guitarist.
In 2001 he started to work as a guitar teacher in Kyiv music school 9. In 2006 he became the second head of the department of folk instruments.

In 2006, he earned the degree of Master of Musical Arts, at the Kiev National University of Culture and the Arts.

From the June 2006, he is working with the school of flamenco (

Updated:  February 25, 2010

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