Af 94 Resume

      Hey... Warup I'm AF-94
Well im 16 years old, Im from Puebla, Mexico and i love writting songs, singing them, and dancing.
I spend almost all my time on doing all that i love , except for school.
I write R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, I have more than 50 songs written by myself and well.. its kindda hard to find a good Producer here in Mexico. That kind of music is not very supported here.
Music is my life and i try to do anything that's on my possibilites, cause I dont have much money, im still a student.
Unfortunately my dad is not very well, he's sick and we are supported by the goverment, i mean, he can't work anymore.
My mom is the one who has to work to keep us going.
But... im optimistic about a music career, cause there's nothing more important to me than music.
Im a dancer, I can dance hip-hop and well , almost anykind of music, i realy enjoy doing it.
I'm really interested on finding a good producer so we can work together, also If you like the kind of music i do, you can contact me so i can write you a song or any service you want.
Here you have some home-made demos to hear (all songs are registered at INDAUTOR (national institute of the author))

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Updated:  January 8, 2011

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