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The “Broken Illusions” band was formed in July, 2009 by Denis Lunatic. Almost at once he found bass player (Evgeny Lucifer), then keyboard player (Ksenia Vicis Vinco), guitarist (Alex KovA) and drummer (Dmitry GumA). In time drummer left the band, and then keyboard player left the band too. A group interrupts rehearsal activity, however keeps song-writing. At the end of February, 2010 new keyboard player (Asya AsunyA) comes in a band.

Band’s members:

Denis Lunatic - lyrics-writer, vocals, programming;
Evgeny Lucifer - bass guitar;
Asya AsunyA - keyboards;
Alex KovA - guitar;
Drum[A]Tick - drum machine.


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Updated:  March 7, 2010

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