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      hey folks how are you guy's hope ya'll's day's with grace. i can tell you about me:|i've been playing all my life since i was 9 years old.i write constantly i have two pro tools studios one's a ten-card mix-plus on 6.4.1 pro tools using 16 focusrite pre's and fixing to get some ruport neve's and i got a pro tool's HD system ten-card system on protools 8 all TDM systems i play les pauls and american strats i use two lexicon mpx g2's linked together i use two blue voodoo's 100 watt tube heads i use 0ne 100 watt greenback cab and one 120 watt classic cab im looking for a band that focus's on originals first then covers and i can learn just about any cover "any" but hope ya'll contact me if ya'll need a guitar player im looking for a country outlaw type with a southern rock metal feel to a country merll hagard type to iron maiden lynyrd skynryd see where im going lol i live in alabama 205-876-7455 if ya'll want to talk about your gig thanks and god bless.

Updated:  March 27, 2013

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