Alan Reyes Resume

      I have been studying theory and music for around 6 years, and have been playing my main instrument of guitar for almost 5 years.
I've studied many genres to broaden my horizons of my learning, also having learned other instruments following the path from bass to trombone.
I can play from contemporary music to jazz to rock and it's heavier sub-genres.
Therefore, I can adapt to many styles of music in my playing and have developed superior playing and improvisation skills.
I have received a bundle of recommendations to music schools and have experience with working in many different band environments. Both orchestral and not.
Now i looking looking to get more involved in my local music scene in it's contemporary and non contemporary music side with superior playability of guitar.
I own two guitar an electric and acoustic ,an electric amp, and 4 guitar effects pedals.
I also play ukulele,harmonica, and more importantly trombone since it's my second instrument of choice.
Although i do not current own them, i can also play many percussion instruments and bass and double bass.

Updated:  March 30, 2010

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