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      FANDANGO DUO is a high impact versatile duo bubbling with creative pizzaz.
Juggling between tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, classical and Indian flutes, guitar, keyboards and an array of mouth harps, multi-instrumentalists Jacqui & Peter transport you through a kaleidoscope of visual moves & grooves that leave you stimulated with their whole musical experience.
They are foremost a show band with Jacqui energizing the set on her self-programmed keyboard; her hip grind & footwork leaving one wondering how she manages to play, sing & dance at the same time, vocals cartwheeling from raunchy to sultry sweet in a heartbeat.
The exotic creature hails from Kenya although of Goan descent. Peter, her Viennese husband is born with music in his blood, commanding a rich Negro voice whilst hopping from one instrument to another within songs.
These multi talented, seasoned artists with their broad, cross section of repertoire, tailor their shows to suit both audience and occasion and have toured 30 countries to date including China, Japan, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Britain and Africa.
In a scintillating blend of music that is as diverse and colourful as the many countries FANDANGO DUO have toured and drawn inspiration from, the couple has two albums, CHILL AND JAZZY and FUNKY LIGHTS available on itunes:

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Updated:  April 21, 2010

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