Kaya And Moti Resume

      KAYA & MOTI
A warm lively musical duo

Produce and Perform
jazz, oldies, Israeli and fusion

Kaya - Vocalist

Kaya is known for her rich, powerful voice and her one-of-a-kind musical inventions.

A singer and composer,I took opera lessons with the finest Israeli teachers. I sing in various languages and am skilled in a wide range of styles such as jazz, ethnic, American and Israeli pop.

I represented Israel worldwide as a solo artist with my own musical group. Among the important events in which we performed was the venue of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Korea. Moti and I were accompanied by the KBS Philharmonic Orchestra and appeared before 6000 guests. The event was broadcast live to 42 million viewers.

Following this successful performance we were invited to appear again at the Festival of Nations in Bangkok, Thailand, which took place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

I performed in Europe at festivals, Jewish community events and other venues. I currently perform mainly in Israel, in programs I created with my partner Moti, a singer and percussionist.

In the year 2000 I came out with a unique record which is all in gibberish and one of my songs earned me a citation in the Music of the World category at the UNISONG 2001 international song contest in Los Angeles. The song I wrote and performed - “Sparida” was selected from among 4000 songs from 40 countries.

In 2003 I composed Cosmo Genesis, pieces inspired by Greek mythology. I have performed these pieces at theaters throughout Israel, including Beit Lesin, Tzavta, Inbal and more.

In 2004 I performed at the Cannes Festival in France.

I wrote lyrics to the songs of Greek singers Glykeria and Haris Aleksiou. I produced a record and currently perform the songs with musicians throughout the country.

I also perform in a show called “Jazz Nostalgia” with my partner, Moti, and other musicians.

In 2005 I took part in the Ladino Festival at the Jerusalem Theater with the Israel Broadcasting Authority Orchestra and performed an original song I wrote to the words of the Ladino poet Margalit Matityahu.
That same year I took part in a project of the Inbal Troupe with original music that I composed.

I performed at the following festivals: Israel Outdoor Festival in Jerusalem, Eilat Jazz festival with original ethnic music, the 15th Kleyzmer festival in Safed, Wine Rishon Lezion, Arad, Carmiel, the Ladino festival, Acre.

In 2007 I performed at the Poland Festival and I produced a show of Shoshana Damari songs, which I perform at various cultural centers.

Since May 2007 I have been writing fantasies and dramas combined with original and unique music.

Moti – Vocalist and Percussionist

I have a broad and varied repertoire, performing jazz, rock, pop, show tunes, ethnic, Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew and world music. I also do imitations of Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, etc.

I developed a unique way of playing the “Talking Drum,” a three-octave African drum, and the dombeck, an Arabian drum. Accompanying Kaya, I anticipate rhythmic and melodic changes in her improvisations, adding my percussion line with uncanny split-second accuracy.

I have performed in the United States, Europe and the Far East, appearing before dignitaries who include former U.S. President Gerald Ford. I represented Israel in many official tours such as the Israeli delegation to Korea on the occasion of establishing diplomatic relations with the Republic of South Korea. I have also represented Israel in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States. I participated in the World Folk Festival in Queen Sikrit Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

I studied voice, percussion and arranging in New York and Los Angeles. While in the USA I played with well known jazz musicians such as Mike Garson [David Bowie's pianist], Yossi Fein and Milcho Leviev. I recorded with many ethnic singers and musicians such as Harkout Pamboukjian, a famous Armenian artist, in Hollywood, and many others.

I have played music since early childhood. I studied in Israel at the Givatayim Conservatory, in the USA at the Dick Grove Music School, Studio City, Ca., Julliard, and Hunter College, N.Y.

Updated:  April 25, 2010

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