Ivan Nikolaev Nikolov Resume

      Ivan Nikolov was born in Plovdiv 09/05/1972.he began to study guitar in 1980.he has been in music school in Plovdiv from 1985-1990 as guitarist and trombonist then he start to learn in Bulgarian Music Academy pop,rock,jazz and blues from 1991-1995.after that he began to work in Norway "Ram Agency" on the ships of /Color Line/,in Finland/Viking Line/, in Belgium-Scotland/Superfast Ferry/ ,in Germany/River ship/Amadeus Classic/ from 26/10/1998-05/05/2007.Then he change the region wit Greece and Israel on the ships /Blue Monarch/19/04/2008-01/10/2008 in Greece,and from 13/05/2009-07/10/2009 on the ship/Golden Iris/ in Israel

Updated:  August 13, 2010

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