Pascal Guertin is a man with all traits when it comes to music coz he could sing and play almost everything and a genuine bluesman, in his guitar, in his voice and in his soul. Passionnate through the bone, he brings everybody in his universe when he's on stage. When he released his blues album in 2008, he received the highest praises from the blues community in Quebec, receiving two nominations at the "Gala Lys Dor" for : "Album Of The Year", and "Songwriter Of The Year". As a singer, he owns a song like an actor does with a character, that's why he also loves to sing jazz in a crooner style. But Pascal is not only a blues guitar player and singer, but also an accomplished songwriter and poet.

Claudie Almeida or Claudz can only be describe with one word and that is “PARTY”..YES AMIGO! This girl is really a party starter.. small but terrible as her audience called her coz just with her powerful voice ,funky aura and amazing dance moves she could make everybody in the room groove till they drop…along with this she amazes everybody with her flounder characteristics
because like this specie..she able to blend herself to different environment with just a snap..with her versatility and a very wide range of repertoire she could entertain everybody in the audience.. This 28 years old girl from the Philippines just sing almost everything… might be jazz,blues,pop,rnb ,reggae and even foreign songs…and knowing that she's a real ONE ROCK PRINCESS is another thing u will never forget about her if u got the chance to watch her live because just like everybody who have already seen her…they all know that this PARTY GIRL is born to be ONE….

With the help of PURE LOVE and PASSION this two amazing musicians is obviously destined to be together to share their magic and make themselve unforgetable coz they just simply have the guts to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

Updated:  May 3, 2010

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