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My name is Tibor Lukacs. (stage name is Lucas Cavallier) I was born in Budapest  in 1977.


I started my entertainer career in 1995 with my father's band. We were in the  The Cham Palace  Hotel , what is one of the most elegant  place in  Damascus. The program was international melodies from classical music to the famous brodway and movie songs.

I  continued studies at very good violin teachers  in Hungary after  my Damascus  job.

Between 1998 and 2002 I was working at my father's band.

The most places of our perfomances  was: Germany, France, Spain,  Holland, Belgium. We was playing Classical music, Musicals, Standards, Swing, Operette, and of course sentimental movie music.

In 2002-2003-2004  I was working with my band on the ship of Rotterdam Ms.

That ship  belong  to Holland American Line Company.

After the Cruise Line jobs I started to organise events and  offered musicians to a high classic Hotels and  ceremonies.

2008 : Princess cruises

My music program is very color:

·         Swing ( best songs from Ella Fiztgerald, Cole Porter, Gershwin, and others)                                 

·         Musical (best  songs from well know pieces like: Fiddler on the roof, Cats, etc.)

·         Pop   ( songs from Beatles-Stevei Wonder-Frank Sinatra-Abba-etc.)

·         Classical  ( Strauss Waltzers, Operetta, Brahms Hungarian Dances, etc)

·         Latin ( bossa nova, samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha)

·         Sentimental and Impetuous Gypsy music

As you read my band is familiar with so many music styles. 

The band is excellent for all occasions for example :    
 ·         Background Music
 ·         Dance Music
 ·         Supper Music
 ·         Concert Music


Edina Vogl –pianist

Nationality            :             Hungarian.

Martial Status            :             Single.

Place of Birth            :             Budapest.

Date of Birth            :             28th March 1974.


Qualifications:  Bela Bartok vocational school of Music  ( Conservatory) 1988-1992

Special Field: Light Music                   (Conservatory) 1996 – 1999.

Final Thesis Grade A


Additional Courses:

Intermediate level English Course.    1994


Foreign Languages:


1. English             (Excellent).

2. German             (Basic knowledge).

3. Italian                (Basic Knowledge).

4. Hungarian             (Mother Language).

5. Spanish            (Basic knowledge)


Work Experience:           

                                                Bar Pianist


  1. Hotel Kempinsky, Budapest                                 1995
  2. Hotel Marriott, Budapest                                             1996-1997
  3. Casablanca Coffee Shop                                        1997-1998
  4. Casino Varkert, Budapest                                             1998
  5. Restaurant Engels (Rotterdam, Holland)                      1998
  6. for all new ideas and other people’s opinion.

4.      Working as a Bar Pianist with ability

  1. Hotel Forte, Budapest    (Holiday Inn Hotel)                                                     1999
  2. Cruise Ship  ( Ship Rousse )            ( Danube )                      1999
  3. Cruise Ship ( Delphine Queen ) ( Danube )                      2000
  4. Cruise Ship Tss ( Albatros, World Cruise )                        2001
  5. Cruise Ship European Vision ( Sea Cruises )                      2001
  6. Cruise ship Tss ( Albatros, World Cruise )                        2002
  7. Hotel De Klepperman ( Holland )                                  2002
  8. Cruise Ship Rousse ( Danube )                                  2003
  9. Cruise Ship, Delphin ( Sea Cruises )                                  2003
  10. Hotel Movenpick Doha – Qatar                           2003- 2004

16.Cruise Ship,Amadeus (Danube) 2004

17.Cruise Ship,Regina Rheni (on rivers) 2005

18.Cruise Ship,Artemis, P&O Cruises, 2006 Febr-Aug.(Sea Cruises)

19.Caffé House,Restaurant,Vaci Street, Budapest 2006.October-

20.Jordan-Amman- Regency Palace Hotel/Piano Bar, 2007.

21.Egypt-Sharm El Sheik- Reef Oasis Blue Bay Hotel/ Piano Bar 2008.


Personnel Characteristics:


1.      Reliable and accurate at work.

2.      Good cooperating ability and able to establish human contacts and adapt to different conditions.

3.      Flexible and open to play all kind of music with a wide repertoire.



Updated:  May 5, 2010

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