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      Daybehavior was formed in Stockholm, Sweden 1994 by Tommy Arell, Carl Hammar and Paulinda Crescentini. The debut album, :Adored, was released in 1996. Published by Per Gessle's (Roxette) company JimmyFun Music, the album was released in 15 countries. The suggestive, cinematic poptunes with the luscious vocals raved stunning reviews. This resulted in the assignment of writing the music of the
Swedish motion picture Ellinor's Wedding.
Daybehavior have since then released one more album,written music for commercials and have had several songs placed in the popular Dance Dance Revolution games.

The new full-length album, Follow that Car! is set to be released sept 14th 2012..

Press about Daybehavior and their songs:

"If i was producing the next James Bond
blockbuster,Daybehavior would provide the
soundtrack" 3 Syllables

"Daybehavior have class in abundance" New Musical Express

"More remarkable than waking up with the moon
under your pillow" Melody Maker

"Daybehavior create touching minimalist melodramas
where style geefully kicks sand into the eyes
of content" Select

"The music is both fascinating and hypnotic" Evigshead Magazine

"Daybehavior incorporates cinematic dreamscape
vocals and haunting melodies that would fit
comfortably in a french 60s spy film soundtrack" Bop 2 Pop

"One of the most refreshing albums of 2012" Re-Flexion

Updated:  September 6, 2012

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