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Clemente L. Mathis

Performer, Educator†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

and Clinician


Clemente Mathisís name is synonymous with Music Education in Houston. A Houston native and high school all - rounded musician, he made a great impression in refining and giving to the classical art world. He stared singing and playing wind instruments in elementary school before his voice began to change. By the time he was in middle school he began to perform on college level playing and imitating Mozart,which made him most outstanding in every respect. Leading in his high school years to lead three schools to winning competition standards, he gained recognition as brilliant soloist.

His church is his greatest treasure, witch he devoted his musical world to; as he performs as Clarinet and Flute soloist, singing in the choir and also directing the Handbell Choir. He loves to bring his great love for music and breath his passion for all for whom would listen, which he owe only to God and only to Him.

After completing and always continuing with learning and providing musical excellence, he attended Jarvis Christian College where he became student musical director and was award several scholarships. In interim he received National recognition from the National Federation of Music Clubs and was a warded a scholarship in Music Therapy.

As musical challenge, he transferred to University of North Texas, and there became a Clarinet Clinician for Boosey & Hawkes, Buffet Crampon; Indeed that alone was a great honor, as he performed in the Concert Band. As extra curricula he was able to share is passion for Vocal music, so he joined the Concert and Grand Choirs where he was able extended his education and experience and also gained a great passion for sacred music

His passion for music and the education for all has not end to this very day. Clemente is still active in church playing solos, performing in local civic organization such as the Houston Concert Band, Houston Symphony Chorus and Houston Master Works Chorus. He often clinic and mentor local magnet school programs in the Houston Independent School District and serves as counselor for children during the summer with the Gulf Coast Area Disciples Conference Center.

Updated:  May 8, 2010

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