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Originally from Quebec Canada, Daniel is a french Canadian living in South west Florida since 2003.

Daniel is a gifted musician, composer and arranger. His music has a lot of melodies and the rhythm is attracting for the ears.

Self made musician, he bought his first piano in 2007. Part time  he immediately composed many instrumental songs.

After acquiring a drums kit and an electric guitar in 2009, he changed his style to a more modern pop/rock style adding lyrics to his creations.

Daniel plays guitar, piano and drums and write all the scores for every instrument he his performing. He also manage all the recording and mixing in his private recording studio in Florida.

Not at all a talented singer, he tried to find a female singer but so far no success so Daniel has no choices than to record himself the vocals on his latest compositions.

In 2012, he started full time to write music and to build his portfolio and one day his hope is to find a young talented female singer and work closely in collaboration with her to build her a career in the music industry.

Composing, directing and managing is the ultimate goal.

Updated:  May 9, 2012

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