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      She is a versatile Jazz Singer with a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelor's in English from Florida International University. She is also an accomplished Stage Actress in musical and children's theater, a Commercial and Photography Model, and Voiceover Performer. Paulette Dozier is an all in one professional polished package. She can do it all and she has a track record on three continents to prove it!

Born in North Florida, Paulette Dozier began her exploration of the performing arts while living in Brooklyn, New York. Her first encounter with the theater was during high school where she appeared in the play "You Can't Take it With You". Other extracurricular activities for her at that time included music, and the alto sax was her chosen instrument.

Quite an adept musician, performing jazz to boot, Paulette was not intimidated by her male counterparts who dominated the jazz sector. As an outgoing young lady, she found it easy to perform without reservation amongst her colleagues. But even though she was a skilled musician, Dozier decided to relinquish her activities as a saxophonist upon entering college.

While attending Brooklyn College, where she initiated her studies in Theater, Paulette continued to polish her many skills by studying dance, acting and vocal performance with various private coaches and teachers such as Broadway choreographer Frank Hachett; all while juggling her college commitments, pursuing a career as a 7th Avenue showroom model and modeling instructor at the famous Barbizon School of Modeling.

From the “Big Apple,” Paulette ventured out to the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, as a dancer in a nightclub revue. After a successful run touring Venezuela, she performed in other areas of South America before returning to Caracas where she settled into a thriving career as a recording artist. She was launched throughout South America in four record productions, which included LPs with Venezuelan composers Vytas Brenner (I BELONG/Polydor de Venezuela) and Jorge Aguilar (AGUILAR/Love Records and SIEMPRE JUNTOS/Rodven Discos), whose modern folkloric style and contemporary jazz/rock sound, respectively, were strongly influenced by Paulette’s singing style.

In addition to her singing career, she eventually ventured into entrepreneurship and opened a modeling and talent school, which she closed upon leaving South America for good.

After spending several years in Venezuela, Paulette moved to Italy where she toured as lead vocalist with a group led by Mike Ogeltree a former member of the group Simple Minds. The band performed throughout northern Italy playing the preferred club sound of the time, house music. As an added attraction of the group’s presentation, Paulette was pushed to resurrect her skills as a saxophonist to "toot her own horn" on stage, which she did only for the run of their Italian tour.

This international experience not only expanded Paulette’s career, it also enabled her to become fluent in Spanish as well as Italian.

This tri-lingual jazz vocalist has now come full circle and upon returning to the US in 1991, South Florida became her new home. She uses all her talents and professional experience to break new ground as a first class jazz vocalist; but also works as a musical theater performer, commercial and print model, voiceover performer and pageant coach.

Paulette Dozier is a multitalented entertainer, able to deliver a jazz standard like "Just in Time" in an intimate nightclub or mega concert hall, or a show stopping "Mack The Knife" from the stage of a large theater. She is truly a versatile performer available here and now.

Updated:  May 12, 2010

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