Marianne Milde Resume

      Marianne Milde was born in Karlskoga, Sweden, in 1970. Her musical talent was early discovered and she began to play the piano at age seven. Since then, she has always been into some kind of musical activity. She was a church choir singer for over 20 years, and also a violinist. Several circumstances led to her leaving the classical world almost entirely in the middle '00s (apart from the viola, which replaced the violin in 2005) and becoming the singer/songwriter she is today, with songs in the folk / pop genre where her classical background and love for songs from musicals still shows sometimes.

Two of her greatest achievement so far are to be among the top nine in a national Christian songwriting contest in 2002, and having a piece for choir released as sheet music at a major sheet music publishing company in Sweden.

Marianne has her own business where she also offers her services as a sheet music transcriber and arranger.

Updated:  May 17, 2010

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