Soren Mounir Resume

      Soren wrote songs with and for:


- Duffy : Songwriting and production of 50 demo songs for most of Duffy's lyrics between 2002 & 2003 for the duet Soulego (You can listen to two Soulego songs featuring Duffy on Sorenland's MySpace player).


- Lucie Doni (Bernardoni) de la Star Academy 4 : Ecriture et composition du 1er single de Lucie "Je suis mes pas" en 2002 (Atoll Music/Sony Music). Réédition en France du single «Je suis mes pas», 57ème au Top 100 en mars 2005.

- Jerome Attal (Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny, Jane Birkin, Arthur H., etc.) : Compositeur de la musique de 3 titres pour les textes de Jerome Attal en 2004.


- Dorian Gray : Soren's new solo project (Songwriting, drums, piano, programming, production) - Co-mixing with Cheef Engineer Yvan Bing (P.Collins, Sting, Roger Waters, Andy Wallace, Anoushka Shankar, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey) and assistant Greg Epps (P. Collins, Pink).

- Eurosong 96 Swiss entry : Compositeur, auteur, arrangeur et producteur de la chanson "Mon coeur l'aime" qui représente la Suisse au Grand Concours de l'Eurovision en 1996; la chanson restera 9 années consécutives sans être détrônée.

- Demilliac (EMI) : Songwriter and arranger in the band "Alesia" with lead singer Demilliac.

- Invisible Sun Odyssey (I.S.O.) : Songwriter for this solo project, co-produced by Carmen Rizzo (USA) and J.-C. Belval (Daddy DJ, N°1 in France + Europe and N°1 SACEM 2001).

- Simongad : Songwriting and producing the artist.

- Eurosong 97 Swiss entry : Songwriter and producer of the song «Le rêve d'Alice», for the TV National Contest on Swiss TV DRS1.

- Caroline Agostino : Eurosong 2004 entry "Le monde danse" for the TV National Contest on Swiss TV TSR.

- Melody Perret from the «Little dreams Foudation» (Orianne and Phil Collins) : Songwriting and producing the artist.

Soren has collaborated with:


- Carmen Rizzo (Seal, Alanis Morissette, Tricky, Coldplay, Nelly furtado, Tiesto, etc.) : Co-producing the Invisible Sun Odyssey (I.S.O.) project with Carmen in LA.


- Duffy (A&M Records UK). Songwriting and producing the artist between 2002 & 2003.

- Peter Robinson (Living in a Box, Rick ASTLEY, Paul Carrack) from Dôme Records UK, for his project "Fullmoon" with the cover single "Words" (dist. Sony Music UK) and "I Wanna Stay With You (dist. Sony Music UK).


- David Smet-Hallyday (Mercury/Universal). David est batteur sur scène au sein du projet solo de Soren Dorian Gray.

- David Marouani, DA et agent (Office Parisien du Spectacle, GLEM productions).

- Claire Pilisi de Warner Publishing: Contrat d'éditions; travaille pour David Hallyday, Sofia, Jerome Attal.

- Aktion Entertainment (Jenifer, Nolwenn, Veronique Sanson, Yaël Naïm): Contrat d'éditions.

- Yves Sanna (J. Hallyday, P.Obispo, L. Chédid), compositeur, réalisateur et batteur.

- Jean-Pierre Janniaud du studio GANG à Paris (J.-M. Jarre, M. Berger, J.-J. Goldman, F. Gall, J. Hallyday).

- Eric Wilms (Charles Aznavour).

- Jean-Pierre Sabar (C. François, S. Gainsbourg, M. Le Forestier).
Since the age of 8, Soren learns several instruments and is professionally involved as a drummer and keyboard player from the age of 18. 1997, Soren signs a record deal as a singer/songwriter at DOME RECORDS in London with Peter Robinson (Living in a Box, Rick Astley, Paul Carrack). The project, based on a pop-dance feel, is called «FULLMOON», and is released simultaneously in countries such as Spain, England, as well as in the Asian continent.

His song «So much in love» has a great success in Spain during the summer of 97 & 98 and is featured on many European compilations (SONY MUSIC). In an era where vast musical types reign together, «ISO.» welcomes you to an abyss of synthetical sounds throughout a few very simple and efficient radio songs.

Written, composed and performed by Swiss-American composer Soren, the track «Invisible Sun» was remixed by Carmen Rizzo (Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Seal, Alanis Morissette, Tricky Nelly Furtado, Coldplay, etc.) and a bunch of great European remixers and DJ's such as Jean-Christophe Belval (Daddy Dj, Gigi d'Agostino), Mr. Killed (Miss Sin, Park Avenue), etc.

2001, Soren creates the duet "Redlie" with a young French singer.

2002, Soren discovers Welsh singer Duffy (17); together they write more than 50 songs under the name of Soulego.

2003, Soren writes Lucie Doni's (Star Academy 4) 1st single, "Je suis mes pas" (Atoll Music/SONY MUSIC FRANCE).

- Soren works with several publishers in France and writes for young artists.

2004 - 2005, collaborates with French talented author Jerome Attal (Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny, Jane Birkin, Arthur H., etc.)

- Soren creates and writes 20 songs for the Invisible Sun Odyssey (I.S.O.) pop-dance project.

2005, Soren decides to quit studios sessions and goes back on stage with his solo project Dorian Gray.

Updated:  October 13, 2008

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