Pat Pecora Resume

      I have been at this a long time. I live in NE Florida near St Augustine. I came up as a Hammond B-3 Player. Now I play a Hammond XB2 thru a Leslie speaker I bought new in 1972 and the rig sounds great!. I also play a Roland D50 for Piano, flute, stings etc. I run it thru a Peavey KB 300. I play harmonica as well. I have a strong voice on either lead or harmonies. I like to play Classic rock, oldies, and blues but am receptive to most anything. I play with a group called "4 PLay" near St Augustine, Florida. Right now we have a great drummer and guitarist. We are currently seaching for a bass player/vocalist. We have a serious work ethic. We don't have an ego to polish. We're not hard to get along with. We would like to get into the St Augustine/Daytona clubs and need a good bass player/vocalist to make that happen. If you are interested kindly contact me at .... BBBLEHEAD@AOL.COM


Updated:  February 3, 2011

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