Annie Rhodes Resume

      Annie Rhodes has been full-time professional performing artist for all her entire adult life entertaining audiences all over the globe with her sultry and versatile voice. She has toured all over the USA, and has toured the world working for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Annie performed specialty shows aboard the cruise ships, and the passengers absolutely loved them! She performed a “Classic Country Show”, “Contemporary Country Show”, “Classic Rock Show”, and a "Totally Awesome 80's Show. And last but not least her famous “Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show”. In 2012, Annie was hired to be the lead female singer, dancer, and actor in the Broadway style show “The Missouri Hayride”. While touring with the show, Annie performed as Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and many more Country Music Diva’s. In 2016, Annie was hired as the female lead singer for the widely known touring band, "South Bound Train". She performed in many of the casinos from Billings, Montana to Branson, Missouri. She has now returned to the Rochester area, and she is currently booking shows for the future!

Annie Rhodes' Show...

Imagine being entertained by many of your favorite musical stars in one extraordinary show! Annie performs with only the best in high-quality equipment, and don't forget that she has a "Full Band Sound"! She performs a wide variety of musical styles from different eras during her show, and Annie entertains and engages the audience with many musical impersonations like Stevie Nicks, Patsy Cline, Cher, and more! Also, she performs a variety show encompassing multi-genres of music into one show. Annie Rhodes is an audience favorite with the expertise to emulate classic singers and songs from the 1950’s to the most modern material on the charts today. Every year, she performs classic Irish songs for St. Patty’s Day celebrations, Halloween parties, Christmas songs for Christmas parties, and the ever-popular New Year’s Eve party! Annie's show can be tailored to each individual event, whether a stage show, corporate event, wedding reception, or any event that needs the added touch of expertise, professionalism, and fun that the Annie Rhodes can bring!!!

Updated:  May 4, 2017

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