Brad A. Eiler Resume

       Brad Eiler has been stuck in one of his dreams that started occuring for about 12 years now. Every time he writes a song there is so much feeling being addressed to the people he entertains, and that's what makes him such a success today.
131 songs have been written by Brad, not saying they all are going to be hits but that certain few is what makes the difference. He's been in 3 bands, "Dispute", "Shallow Pond", "Sooner then Later", Now he's kind of working on a group called "Fire Side". They Have a different twist then Alice in Chains, Can also bring vocal up to Three days Grace level. Inspired By Kurt Cobain is what made him really understand music.
From the fall of his band "Sooner then Later" Brad gave up for awhile and started drinking heavy. That band had everybody warmed up on the floor before they completely hit the stage. Just the strange sounds and the gothic like music made everyone want to be a fan. They came out with a demo called, "You stuck us", and they were making plenty of sales and profits from sale as well.
Then when they broke up Brad and guitar player Chip joined the underground/underworld. Now the underground is where punk bands, garage bands, and all kinds of other people who weren't good but wanted to play.
Well after awhile of playing all kinds of music and you feel it deep inside with lot's of pride, You know your time has come to perform and entertain.

The name is Brad

Updated:  June 9, 2010

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