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      Elisa Villa was born in Milano, Italy, in 1986, and started her piano studies at the age of 6. Two years later she decided the guitar was her favourite instrument and started to learn it. She attended „A. Vivaldi“ Conservatory in her second home town, Alessandria, where she studied guitar with Dora Filippone and where she graduated in 2005 with best remarks. Dora Filippone openned her interest to contemporary music, to the composition world and the importance of working creatively together with the composer on music.
In 2010 Elisa Villa graduated with best remarks in the guitar master (degree of "Master of Arts") in the music and arts University „Mozarteum“ of Salzburg (Austria), in the class of Mathias Seidel and Marco Diaz Tamayo.
In the Mozarteum she worked with composers Simone Fontanelli, Klaus Ager, Jee Soo Shin and Agustin Castilla-Avila.
Since 2007, Elisa Villa receives a scholarship from the Associazione per la musica De Sono (Torino, Italy) and since 2009, also from the Lions Club of Torino.
Since 2008 she studies also at the Klagenfurt Landeskonservatorium in the class of Marco Diaz Tamayo.
In 2008, she taught in the Conservatory of Alessandria as guitar teacher in preparatory studies for children and in a course for adults.
She has attended masterclasses with many well-known guitarists: Oscar Ghiglia, Elena Casoli, David Tannenbaum, Tillman Hoppstock, Pavel Steidel.
In 2008, Elisa Villa won the third prize in the international competition Accademia Santoro, Bojano, Italy.
She performed in Salzburg in the Museum der Moderne in 2006 and in 2009 as soloist and as a member of various chamber music ensembles.
Elisa Villa plays a guitar made from Camillo Perrella, Bojano, Italy.

Updated:  June 15, 2010

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